Basic Rules Of Creating Couples Bucket List

Basic Rules Of Creating Couples Bucket List

As a couple, you may find many things that you still haven’t achieved. But still, there may be many medals on your coat. This is the whole concept behind creating a couples bucket list.

A bucket list can have a variety of goals. Some may sound quite achievable while for other goals you may need to work hard. Ideally, a couples bucket list should involve goals related to you and your spouse — also, things you want to do for yourself.

You’ve probably thought once or twice about creating a couples bucket list. But then you’ve told yourself that you still have plenty of time, or that you’re too busy to think about skydiving at the moment. However, creating a couples bucket list is one of the best things you can do with your partner to ensure that you live the life that you want. And not the life that other people want for you. Besides, it should cover all of your life areas, including health, family, finances, and vocation; it’s not just about travel and adventure. 

Basic Rules Of Creating Couples Bucket List
Basic Rules Of Creating Couples Bucket List

Write What You Want To Cover In Couples Bucket List

All it takes to create a couples list is time. Surely you can spare a rainy weekend afternoon to put down on paper what you want to do, have, and be! Just get yourselves a pad of paper and a pen, turn on some music that inspires you, and get started. The basic rules are the following:

In a couples bucket list, you two should decide the primary life areas that you want to cover. These can include the following: family, health, work, travel, finances, spirituality, and possessions.

Take Time

Give yourselves a length of time, maybe ten minutes, to write down what you want for each life category. For example, you two might want to start with health. Write down “health” at the top of a piece of paper, grab a kitchen timer, set the timer for ten minutes, and start writing.

Basic Rules Of Creating Couples Bucket List
Basic Rules Of Creating Couples Bucket List

Don’t Censor Yourselves As You Write

You and your spouse should write down in a list whatever comes to mind. Also, don’t edit as you write. You can worry about spelling and sentence structure later. 

Allow Yourselves To Dream Big.

Once you’re done with “health”, move on to the next life area and do the same thing. Do this until you’ve written down what you want for each life area.

A couples bucket list is just like a to-do note that you need to stick to your life. Sometimes you even don’t know what you want, so take an hour for yourself and think hard – think about things you want in life that make you happy, things you want to change about yourself, places you want to visit, and new things you want to learn in life. When you know what your goals are, it will be easier to move in their direction to achieve them.

Very many people live a rather aimless life. They want to do something big in life, but they are not sure what that thing could be. With dreamy eyes, they look at people who have achieved something good in life. The reality is that we always have some goals as per our likes, needs, and calibre. To fulfill these goals is entirely up to us. But with a couples bucket list, partners cam achieve their goals perfectly.

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