Break-Up Tips For a Dissatisfying Relationship That You Should

Break-Up Tips For a Dissatisfying Relationship.

Break-Up Tips For a Dissatisfying Relationship

Breaking up with a person you still love or once loved is never easy, even for those individuals who are considered heartless. It sure takes a whole lot of guts to break up in a relationship, because some people have a habit of staying in a relationship out of pity. Who in the world wants to be loved out of compassion?! Yes, a lot of people find it difficult to summon the courage to break up a relationship that is most definitely heading straight for the rocks.


Here are a few tips to help you break-up with someone;

1) Be very precise about your decision

Breaking up with a person you still obviously love or care a lot about is indeed a hard decision to make, so you must be entirely sure that you want to put an end to the relationship. You can start by drawing up a list of all the reasons why you really need to break up with your partner, then make sure you carefully go through the list you have made and also mentally recall of all the things you had done and said in order to correct the issues you had with your partner, but all ended in negative results. A good example, you should not consider continuing a relationship with a substance abuser or a person with violent behavior even though you do love them to death!

2) Don’t Break-up over the telephone!

Never consider breaking up with a person over the telephone, e-mail, text messages, or via a letter. However, doing this is not only tacky but also a cowardly act. If you must break up with your partner, then ensure you do it in person. It is bad form to do it any other way. You do owe your partner some explanation, try to be fair to him or her. Doing this will help them cope with the break-up. Please understand that it is quite hard to get over any relationship without getting closure.

3) Be Well Prepared

Always be prepared once you make up your mind to break up with someone. Ensure you anticipate all the question(s) that the person you are breaking up with is going to ask you and also be ready to answer them. Please know that it might come as a huge shock to your partner, and he or she may end up reacting in a certain way. Just make sure that you remain very calm, try your best not to let it end in a fight.

4) Be clear that the relationship is over

Make your partner understand that you want to break up and it is over. The sooner he or she knows that there is absolutely no hope of reconciliation, the sooner the whole healing process starts.

5) Help Your ex Heal after a Break-up.

After a break-up, you have to help your partner heal. You can also do this by avoiding them for some time; this will give them ample time to get over you. Try your best not to call, text, or send e-mails after a break-up. It may sound like you don’t give a hoot about them, but if you insist on calling, texting, or sending e-mails to them, they may never heal.

There is no point of staying in a relationship out of pity; it is a whole lot better to be single and happy than to be in a relationship miserably.

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