Codependent Relationships – All You Need To Know

Codependent Relationships – All You Need To Know

Of all relationships, codependent relationships are probably the least healthy ones. However, if you happen to be in one of these relationships, you should quickly figure out how to solve the issue of codependency. Below are three ways to overcome codependent relationships.

Codependent Relationships Therapy/Counseling.

If you have the financial means, this is probably the best solution. It is essential to note that professional help is unbiased compared to a relative or close friend. However, a more familiar person will think of what’s best for you, not for the couple while the professional will consider both parties’ interest in the issue at hand.

Let Her Know What’s Wrong.

Everyone has needs, and those needs need to be satisfied. At some point, not expressing your needs or feelings will lead to a bigger need of attention, which will eventually lead to selfishness. Selfishness is certainly one of the main symptoms in codependent relationships. One of the partners feels the other one should drive all their attention towards them, which is not healthy for both partners. Talking about it is the easiest way out of it, so don’t hesitate to communicate your needs to your partner. After all, if she wasn’t interested in making you happy, then you need to ask yourself why she’s with you.

Codependent Relationships – All You Need To Know
Codependent Relationships – All You Need To Know

Involve Yourself In Different Activities When in a Codependent Relationships.

This may sound controversial but believe it or not, some activities are better done alone. Usually, things are better done in pairs but if it’s making you and your partner uncomfortable it’s time to switch it up a little. For example, training sessions, girls’ night out, boys night out, basically any activity you would do better without your partner around.

The tips below will help you in managing codependent relationships

1. Avoid Codependent Behavior.

This should be handled by codependent individuals themselves depending on their personalities. You should not take gifts of over-the-top assistance. However, loving gestures will undoubtedly attract your affection and return the favor. As such, you should not reward that.

Codependent Relationships – All You Need To Know

2. Encourage the Codependent Personnel to Cultivate Their Hobbies.

This may be in the form of a hobby or the study of particular interest. For instance, if they like dancing or modeling, encourage them to take lessons. Creative outlets can be very helpful for the codependent in that they help to develop the necessary self-esteem.

3. Encourage the Codependent to Advance at Work

Encourage them to seek additional challenges or specializations through their work. Or, if their current job is on the verge of ending, encourage them to seek better employment elsewhere. This, again, is a huge self-esteem builder, and that is what the codependent relationships need the most.

When it comes to relationships, the drama is inevitable. You can’t predict when something will go wrong in the beginning because you seem to be in heaven. However, if you end up in one of those bad relationships, there are very few options for you to choose. Should you try and resolve the issue or move on? One thing’s for sure. If it’s one of those codependent relationships, you may want to opt for a solution as soon as possible since it can only get worse from this point on.

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