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The Perfect Bed Sheet

How To Choose The Perfect Bed Sheet

Sleep is one of the essential parts of life. The quality mattress is significant in providing proper relaxation during sleep. However, we cannot ignore the importance of bed sheets for the right rest. They also come in direct contact with the skin when you sleep or lie on them. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the perfect bed sheets. However, many people do not know the critical factors to consider while buying them. In this article, we describe how to choose the perfect bed sheet. Hence, you must read this article very attentively until the end.

How To Choose The Perfect Bed Sheet
How To Choose The Perfect Bed Sheet

Material Of The Bed Sheet

Earlier, the market consists of only cotton sheets. It is still the most popular material for the manufacturing of sheeting fabric as it is comfortable and durable. Moreover, it traps the heat and allows the fresh air to pass through it. Hence, it can be an ideal choice during the summer season. Some manufacturers blend it with rayon or some other materials. If you are looking to buy a pure cotton sheet, then check the packaging for Egyptian, Sea Island, and Pima cotton. The fabric made of Egyptian cotton is super soft and comfortable.

Some sheets contain bamboo blended with some other materials. Bamboo is antimicrobial and removes the moisture. Hence, it can be a great choice. Satin sheets will look glam. However, they can be slippery and warm. Linen sheets are an outstanding option for the warm season. It can wick away the heat and makes you feel good.

Thread Count Of The Bed Sheet

It is the number of threads used in the fabric in an area of one square inch. There is a misconception that higher thread count means more softness. However, it is not always true. If the sheet contains a lower thread count of a softer material like Egyptian cotton, then it will more silky than high thread count low-quality cotton.

If the material is the same, then you can go for the one with a higher thread count. A sheet having 400 or 450 counts is ideal. If you opt for a much higher thread count, then you will feel stiff.


The weave is another essential factor to consider while buying the bedsheets. It depends on personal preference. If you want a sheet having little snap, then you can opt for percale. It is plainer weave as compared to supple sateen.

How To Choose The Perfect Bed Sheet
How To Choose The Perfect Bed Sheet

Jersey sheets contain the flat knits that will make them soft. However, they are prone to sliding and slipping. Nubby cotton flannel sheets can be ideal for the ones who like in cold environments. They are unsurpassed that makes you feel warm.


It is essential to buy the sheets of the right size. If you buy a small sheet, then it will be challenging for you to keep it in place. You must look for elastic edges if you have a standard-size bed, including twin, queen, or king. It helps to provide a snug and smooth fit.

If you have an extra-long twin bed, then look for the sheets made for these sizes. Don’t forget to measure the height if you add any topper to the mattress. Make sure that there must be stretching in it so that you can easily adjust it according to your bed.

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