Love-Hate Relationship Insights That Should Boost Your Love Methods.

Love-Hate Relationship Insights To Know

Love-Hate Relationship Insights To Know

A love-hate relationship occurs when there are strong but mixed feelings of love and hate between people. However, a love-hate relationship might be witnessed when people who perhaps share sentimental love don’t communicate enough, thus leading to tensions between themselves. These tensions, when not dealt with, might lead to the rise of hateful feelings towards each other. As a result, a love-hate relationship can be emotionally depressing since the individual is not sure about his/her feelings. Many people experience love-hate in their relationships, and some might not even realize it.

Some characteristics of love-hate relationships;

1. Break-up and Makeup Cycle in Love-hate Relationship

However, one critical feature of a love-hate relationship is when your makeup and break up frequently. It is like a cycle of making up and breaking up. When you quarrel with your partner, it is a very polarizing quarrel. There are threats of separation, and every party feels like calling it quits. Then, astonishingly after a few moments, you are back to loving, hugging, and promising each other commitment. This is true quite a huge factor in determining if you are in a love-hate relationship.

2. Acting hypocritically in public

Another love-hate feature is when you and your partner act differently in public than when you are at home. In public, you tend to express more love and care for your partner, but when in private, you are angry towards each other and barely interact. You live a fake life in public to make other couples jealous and feed your egos. This is hypocrisy from both parties and is a terrible sign in a relationship. It is a significant characteristic of love-hate relationships.

3. Talking behind each other’s backs

Talking behind each other’s back is also a love-hate characteristic. If someone truly loves his/her partner, he/she will not gossip their partner. This proves that there is a lot of resentment building up, thus weakening the bond. When your partner clings to friends for emotional support and validation, then the relationship is crumbling down. People who genuinely love each other ought to communicate their feelings, hopes, and frustrations openly. Hence, gossiping each other is a secure sign of a love-hate relationship.

Love-Hate Relationship Insights To Know
Love-Hate Relationship Insights To Know

3. Unresolved Conflicts in a Love-hate Relationship.

There are many unresolved conflicts, big, small, and some are entirely irrelevant. When people have unresolved issues, they tend to always be in tension between themselves, thus resulting in a love-hate relationship. This mostly occurs when people bottle up their frustrations and disappointments for too long. It is crucial when people resolve any issue for there to be positive feelings towards each other. It is, therefore, critical to always talk about the conflict and try to fix it as fairly and maturely as possible. This will consequently lead to fewer conflicts and improve the relationship.

Love-Hate Relationship Insights To Know

4. Lack of long term goals and objectives

If there lack long term goals and objectives in a relationship, then its a sign of a love-hate relationship. People should not stick together just for the sake of it. There ought to be visions and missions to accomplish. There ought to be mutual goals of getting children, a dream vacation, a great house, among other many objectives. This helps in strengthening the bond between lovers, thus eradicating the chances of a love-hate relationship. We should learn and practice ways of counteracting these detrimental relationships that affect us. We will thus be creating stronger families and communities.

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