Pants sportswear for the fitness freaks - find the best ones in 2020 Pants sportswear for the fitness freaks - find the best ones in 2020

Are You Looking For The Best Pants Sportswear For Your Workout?

When it comes to choosing the best pants sportswear for your Pilates, yoga or other forms of workout, there are a lot of options available online and in stores. But only when you get in them, you realize that the fit or the comfort quotient could have been better. Moreover, it is also a personal choice when it comes to selecting pants sportswear. Some people prefer tight-fitting breathable pants, while some prefer yoga pants with a loose fit and wide crotch. Here we have short-listed the best options which have been tried and tested.

List Of The Best Pants Sportswear For Men And Women

Prana Vida

This Canadian-made, eco-friendly company run solely by women. Their pants sportswear and other fitness apparel are environment-friendly and can fit women through maternity, postpartum and even after that. They use Lenzing Tencel from eucalyptus to fabricate their leggings. It is a specialized zero-waste processing system blended with organic cotton. Not only is the fabric sustainable, but the pants are also very comfortable and cozy. Their Euphoria fleece-lined leggings are comfortable and extremely soft.

Ice Breaker

 This company is a global leader in manufacturing natural performance apparel. Keeping sustainability in mind, Ice Breaker has always sourced the best quality renewable fibers directly from New Zealand farmers. They use super-fine merino wool which claims to be moisture-wicking, thermal regulating and odor suppression. Their clothes are perfect for yoga and are quite durable. Ice Breaker’s Women’s Solace Yoga Leggings have a higher content of natural fiber. These are good, versatile and also quite slim fitting.

Free Label

This one is an independent and sustainable apparel line based in Vancouver, Canada. Each garment is stitched by hand. Their fabrics are dyed in Toronto. The designs of their yoga pants are quite trendy and fashionable. Although they make small batches of clothes, all their designs are quite stylish and they maintain a very amazing quality in their garments. Free Label also is committed to making shapes and designs for all kinds of body types.

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