Polyamorous Relationships – All You Need To Know

Polyamorous relationships - All You Need To Know

A polyamorous relationship is a practice of having multiple love relationships concurrently, and with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. However, many married and monogamous people have an interest in trying a polyamorous relationship. But before couples dive into finding other lovers, and other relationships, there are a few things you have to be conversant with.

1. A polyamorous Relationship Is Not For The Fearful People.

This relationship is not for people who are fearful and skittish. Opening your monogamous relationship to other loves will likely expose some of your most deep insecurities. So, if you are not ready to face some severe issues, then it is probably not right for you to try polyamory.

Polyamorous Relationships - All You Need To Know
Polyamorous Relationships – All You Need To Know

2. A Polyamorous Relationship Is Not A Solution To A Troubled Relationship.

If your relationship is not stable, it is probably not a great time to try opening it up and involving other people. The monogamy to polyamory transition works best when it starts from a stable, strong relationship.

3. Both Spouses Must Be On The Same Page

The couples should be on the same page about wanting to try a polyamorous relationship. If one of the partners disagrees with the open relationship, then it will not be a good idea to try polyamory. Besides, it will prevent tension and possibly resentment surrounding the concept of trying polyamory. Successful polyamorous relationships work great when both partners want to be in it. There are poly-mono relationships. Only one person is poly, and the other is monogamous. These special pairings come with their own set of challenges to cope with.

4. Honesty

Communicating honestly is vital in a polyamorous relationship. Each partner must state clearly their desires, fears, and expectations. During the transition, keep the lines of communication open by checking in often with your partner. This will likely make the polyamorous relationship much smoother.

In general, people tend to view monogamous relationships in a more positive way than polyamorous relationships. The overall consensus held by the general public is that couples in non-monogamous relationships are not happy. The possible reason may be that the idea of polyamory threatens the cultural image of how marriage should look like. These are only a few of the social hardships couples may face by choosing a polyamorous lifestyle over a monogamous one.

Polyamorous Relationships - All You Need To Know
Polyamorous Relationships – All You Need To Know

Polyamorous relationships are typically built on a foundation of honest and open communication among all partners. It has often been emphasized in research that poly love involves hard work along with a dedication to each partner. Polyamory, just like monogamy, is rooted in love. This love may be expressed emotionally, spiritually, sexually, or all three.

In short, polyamorous relationships bases on the values of freedom, honesty, and commitment. This is relevant because it gives a new perspective on how relationships can be arranged. The tendencies to rely on deceit or lies to cover up infidelity are no longer an issue. However, other problems can arise, involving communication between partners. One problem that is often a point of contempt for many people is jealousy.

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