Rebound Relationship and How to Tell If You Are in One

Rebound Relationship and How to Tell If You Are in One

Break up in a relationship is one of the hardest things to deal with. No matter how many times one experiences, it does not get easier. The lucky few can move on quickly, but the rest need to dwell with the bitterness. Even though most broken relationships are salvageable, many people do not know how and they throw themselves into another relationship as quickly as possible to avoid dealing with the pain of their broken hearts. This is what is termed as a rebound relationship.

A rebound relationship is not a recommended thing to do for several reasons. They have weak foundations and often fail easier than the first relationship that was broken. The following are the common signs of a rebound relationship and why they fail quickly:

1. You get together with your new rebound relationship partner only to get over your ex.

Getting acquainted with a person just after your break-up is a sign of being in a rebound relationship. Likely that your new love happens to be available while they are not your type under normal circumstances. If that is the case, it is only a matter of time before you realize that the two of you do not have what it takes to make a relationship work.

2. You expect your new rebound relationship partner to have the right qualities your ex was lacking.

If you broke up with your ex because they never had time for you, then you may expect your new one to spend all the time with you. You try to compensate for whatever missing from your earlier relationship. You can potentially drive them away for being too demanding.

Rebound Relationship and How to Tell If You Are in One
Rebound Relationship and How to Tell If You Are in One

3. You expect your new love also to have the qualities you love from your ex.

If your ex used to come home with a bunch of roses for you and you like it, you would want your new partner to do the same. The problem is, each individual is different, and they show their feelings or do things their way.

4. Comparing your ex with a new love.

Comparing your new love to your ex is a complete sign you are in a rebound relationship. People hate to be compared. They are all unique individuals with their unique attributes. This is one of the worst mistakes people often do, sometimes unconsciously.

5. Loving your ex.

That is why you are in a rebound relationship as you cannot handle the pain of losing your ex. Being involved with someone else will close your chance of rekindling your relationship with your ex as they will see you already move on, and think they should too.

If you just experienced a break-up, allow yourself some time to cool down. Then make an effort to think things through and decide if you want to get back to your ex again or to move on. Do yourself a great favor by overcoming the pain in positive ways and not getting involved in a rebound relationship.

Rebound Relationship and How to Tell If You Are in One
Rebound Relationship and How to Tell If You Are in One

If you wish to get back together with your ex and start over, you need to do it right from the beginning. You cannot afford to make mistakes that will ruin your chances of saving your relationship.

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