Relationship Arguments – What Really Causes Them?

Relationship Arguments - What Really Causes Them?

Almost all relationships have disagreements, which sometimes lead to relationship arguments. So what do people disagree about? Various studies have indicated that the top three things which lead to relationship arguments are money, kids, and sex.

1. Money As A Cause Of Relationship Arguments.

The first thing that leads to relationship arguments is money. Who’s making money? How will we spend it? How much of it is “mine” to spend? These are some of the questions that partners may ask. Rarely will you find two people in a relationship having the same attitude toward money. That’s why you two must sit down and talk about the issue. Establish apparent guidelines for the relationship regarding;

  • how much money is to spend
  • what will you be spending on
  • who will be in charge of spending the money (or if it is going to be a shared duty)
  • If there is going to be any money to spend on non-necessary items.
Relationship Arguments - What Really Causes Them?
Relationship Arguments – What Really Causes Them?

It is imperative to establish these guidelines early in a relationship before it leads to arguments. Since money problems will lead to other issues, and will ultimately end most relationships, if not resolved.

2. Sex As A Cause Of Relationship Arguments.

This is also the cause of many relationship arguments. It is rare to find two people growing up with similar attitudes towards sex. Since sex is such a vital part of romantic relationships, it is essential to establish early on what each others’ opinions are. Monogamy is not the only way to go in some people’s minds, and it will be very unpleasant to find this out after something has happened. Both of you need to know how it is going to affect the relationship.

3. Kids

If you are considering having children, this cause of relationship arguments needs to be discussed in detail. Again, most people have very differing views on how children should be raised. It is very important to know where your partner stands on how often and what types of encouragement and punishment will be used. Also, the types of influences will be allowed (TV, music, books, environment, etc.).

Relationship Arguments - What Really Causes Them?
Relationship Arguments – What Really Causes Them?

Lastly, the types of foods the child will be allowed to eat. These things may seem trivial, but they can cause great strife in the bonding, thus arguments. If both partners disagree, or compromise, on how to handle each of these topics may cause issues. This is probably the area where the greatest compromise is necessary because people’s views on this subject are usually at opposite extremes from each other.

Indeed, these are not the only things that may lead to relationship arguments. Couples do disagree about them most of the time and as such, they are by and far the most common. So, sit down with your partner, talk to them about these things, and develop clear guidelines for each of them. This will help both of you avoid arguments. Or, you may find that the differences are too huge and that the two of you are not compatible. If that is the case, you are both better off knowing beforehand.

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