The 25 Most Romantic Movies Of All Time

The 25 Most Romantic Movies Of All Time

Every romantic movie directs either an emotional romance with a tragic end or a romedy. In a way, love is something for all of us. And even though all of us have a favorite, here is a list you must include.

List Of Top 25 Movies You Must Watch:

•    Titanic:

Titanic 1998  sets the bar high for all romantic comedies.

•    The Big Sick:

The 2017 rom-com is a real-life, inspired the movie with a tragic end.

•    Moonstruck:

The 25 Most Romantic Movies Of All Time
The 25 Most Romantic Movies Of All Time

This movie is a perfect 1980’s American -Italian rom-com.

•    Call Me By Your Name:

CMBYN is a charming homosexual rom-com set in the awestruck place of Italy. It ushers the concept of first love without any tragic end.

•    Silver Linings Playbook:

This 2012 romedy talk about two perfectly flawed people in love.

•    Dirty Dancing:

The set revolves around the 80’s dance move with a tinge of romance. This movie lights up your romance mood.

•    Love & Basketball:

As the name says, this is the ultimate sports with a romance movie. It talks about two arising sports stars who eventually fall in love.

•    Elizabethtown:

It’s a sweet 2000’s movie that wraps existentialism with romance.

•    The Bodyguard:

Nothing can set fire to adventure than a hot bodyguard. Despite the miserable connection between Houston and Costner, the movie has the most iconic soundtrack.

•    Carol 2015:

Carol is an adorned lesbian love story set in the forbidden mid-century era.

•    Crazy Rich Asians:

This movie plays a dual role and a perfect loner rom-com. A perfect combo of romance with the revelation of the rich cultural heritage.

•    When Harry Met Sally:

It’s a movie that is so predictable but followed its path. Set in the ruins of multiple years, the film beats other rom-com.

•    Jerry Maguire:

The adorned Jerry movie, well-known for its present-day love situation.

•    Notting Hill:

The 25 Most Romantic Movies Of All Time
The 25 Most Romantic Movies Of All Time

Romance without Julia Roberts is a nightmare. The film shows the great love between a street and a commoner.

•    The Notebook:

Nicolas Spark’s cheesy Romance novel is just enough to transcend through all the romantic reality.

•    West Side Story

Two teens belonging to two rival gangs fall in love is usually an action-packed romance. The oy thing that makes it unique its present-day relevance.

•    Romantic Movies: Ghost

The only time where pottery making can be so sexy and romantic.

•    Romantic Movies: Casablanca

A movie where a game meets another game.

•    Romantic Movies: Juno

A film about teen pregnancy isn’t exactly romantic, but the part that these two friends tangled scenario is ideally unrealistic.

•    Romantic Movies: Her

The sci-fi is a present-day story about a man in love with a girl who does not reciprocate the same passion.

•    Romantic Movies: My Best Friend’s Wedding

This 90’s romance movie focuses more on falling in love than the endgame tragic story. It’s a gentle reminder of who’s chasing all you love chasers

•    Romantic Movies: Bull Durham

The premise of this movie is a little weird, it delivers a promising story.

•    Romantic Movies: Crazy, Stupid Lov

Its a tangle of two, or more love stories, where romance meets comedy.

•    Romantic Movies: San Junipero

The only movie from the dark anthology that sees no traffic end. A deserving candidate of rothe mantic novel the la.

•    Romantic Movies: A Star Is Born

It’s a romantic, most watch movie that ushers through the modern romantic concept.

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