Toxic Relationship and It's Symptoms In The Real World.

Toxic Relationship and It’s Symptoms

Toxic Relationship and It's Symptoms

A toxic relationship is a kind of relationship whereby there is a poisonous partner who emotionally, physically, and spiritually drains and damages his/her partner. A toxic person is someone who is selfish minded and only thinks about himself/herself. Thus, it is challenging to tolerate a toxic person. Therefore, a toxic relationship can be very detrimental to one’s health and well being. It might lead to depression and low self-esteem. There are many signs of a toxic relationship, and we shall closely look at them.

1. Dishonesty

When your partner is continuously dishonest, then it might be a sign, you are in a toxic relationship. A corrupt person is selfish and does not care about how his/her actions affect other people. A relationship is founded on honesty and truth. Dishonesty is a vice and should not be tolerated in any serious relationship. A non-toxic person is not always dishonest because he/she cares about his/her loved ones. Only toxic people will usually lie without thinking of the consequences.

2. Hostility – a Sign of a Toxic Relationship.

Calmness and peace are indeed noble and worthy characters. If you realize that your partner is continuously hostile towards you with unexplained anger and violence, then you ought to recognize that you are in a toxic tangle. It is not natural for people to always be heavy-hearted, especially with their loved ones. Partners who are genuinely in love will be calm and peaceful towards each other. Therefore, hostility is, indeed, a sign of toxicity.

Toxic Relationship and It's Symptoms
Toxic Relationship and It’s Symptoms

3. Mutual avoidance a Sign of Toxic Relationship.

Partners are always happy and thankful when they finally meet after a day’s work. If there is no feeling of awe or joy when one sees his/her partner, then things are not right. Lovers should be happy when they see each other. When you and your partner continuously avoid each other, then you are pushing a toxic relationship. Partners who truly love each other treasure the moments they spend together.

4.Lack of respect

We all know that mutual respect is paramount in any relationship. So, when your partner does not show you respect, its a sign of a toxic relationship. Loving partners should respect and appreciate each other at all times. Respect holds relationships together since there will be clear cut boundaries. Henceforth, constant, and passionate disrespect is a warning sign of a toxic relationship that must be abhorred at all costs.

Toxic Relationship and It's Symptoms

5. No communication

When you no longer communicate with your partner as easily, then you are wasting your precious time in a toxic relationship. Human beings need a connection for everyday life. Therefore when partners find it hard to communicate, their relationship gets destroyed. Without communication, hostilities increase, making life unbearable between people. Communication helps in relieving our deep-set feelings and emotions. It also helps in resolving conflicts. Thus, look out for yourself not to be entrapped in a relationship.

Having thus understood about such relationships, it is our duty to work hard to build durable relationships, that will gradually help create able and firm families for the future. Toxicity only destroys our people and curtails the chances of creating healthy and united communities that are founded from the family institution.

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