Why It’s Vital To Have A Monogamous relationship?

Why It's Vital To Have A Monogamous relationship?

People do value the relationships they build throughout their lifetime. Of all these relationships, marriage and family are often a priority. A couple can have a successful marriage when they stick it out through good times and bad throughout their lifetime. One crucial part here is choosing to be in a monogamous relationship with that person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Women today differ in their preferences concerning boyfriends and future husbands. Many women liberate and are open to having a modern man as a partner. Most of them that get involved in a love relationship and marriage still hopes for a lasting bond. No matter how liberal their mindset is, if possible, they want to end up with a faithful and trustworthy man.

It’s quite unthinkable for women to tolerate their men to have other women all at the same time. This may be true in some religions, but when you’re somebody who values your marriage much, it can be challenging to be in such a situation. Sharing your man with other women is just a no-no. Below are the reasons why you should be in a monogamous relationship;

1. Health Issues

Firstly, there’s the health issue that you should greatly consider. Those men who are not in a monogamous relationship are prone to contracting sexually transmitted diseases. If you respect your person, then you need to be careful about this as you might end up with some health problems later on.

Why It's Vital To Have A Monogamous relationship?
Why It’s Vital To Have A Monogamous relationship?


Loyalty is another thing. A man who truly loves you dearly should be willing to stay in a monogamous relationship for the sake of you and children. If he married you, then he should stick to his vows. A man who marries and then gets into an extramarital affair for no reason at all is not committed to his marriage.

Monogamous Relationship Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are most likely what you’ll experience if you permit yourself not to be in a relationship. Women are humans and can easily get hurt. They’re more emotional than men and may even have suicidal tendencies when their spouses do not meet their needs. Without treatment at the earliest stage, constant stress and anxiety can lead to mental disorders.  

Monogamous Relationship Increases Intimacy

Intimacy may be challenging to achieve when you are not in a monogamous relationship. You can’t help but think about what he does with the other partners. So you might find yourself distancing a bit when you’re together. Or you may find your man not that intimate with you when you spend quality time with him.

Why It's Vital To Have A Monogamous relationship?
Why It’s Vital To Have A Monogamous relationship?

Research proves that married couples who are in a monogamous relationship develop a happy and positive attitude in life. In terms of health, they’re also found to be in good shape. If you’d like to be among these and lead a long life with your family, then you have every reason to be in a monogamous relationship. Take the time to know your man better before committing to marriage, and you’ll find out if you’re a match made in heaven.

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